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01 Feb

40 Days Fasting Prayer

Monday | 05:00

Amazing Testimonies

  • Rajasingh. - Jesus gave new life and lifted me up
    I worked as deputy commissioner of Railway Police. While on my duty, I became unconscious after a heart attack.

    Doctors diagnosed my heart Aorta artery is torn and got damaged. My life was leading towards the death and nearing the end of it.

    The doctors treated only to give life support and declared my life may prolong only for 2 months under medical support.
    I felt my body is getting weak day by day,without any hope. But the doctors team decided to take a risk and do a surgery.

    Meanwhile two pastors from NLAG church visited me and diligently prayed for my healing.
    But after some time the chief doctor and his team examined and came to a surprising conclusion that the surgery is not required.
    Few days after getting life supporting treatment I got discharged from the hospital.

    Even in my weakness, I regularly attended Sunday early morning service at New Life AG church Saidapet. By attending continuously I received new strength, healing, hope, courage and wisdom from my God.

    Later on I was lifted up in my position and in the society by my God .
    God gave me the grace to get the honorary award for my best service from late president Dr. A.P.J. Kalam.
    Mostly I thank God who guided and extended my life in this world to follow and serve Him.

  • Selvi - Christian's love and care changed me.
    I worked as a cook in a Christian family and my mistress used to share about Jesus to me. Due to this I decided to quit my job, but my mistress does not want me to leave, saying her God showed my face to her in her dream and requested not to quit and said she will never share her God to me.

    Days passed on,my husband saw a dream a person with white robe showing my house getting submerged in a flood, following this a cyclonic rain flooded my house and completely  it got submerged in flood. We were stranded and homeless without any help.

    My mistress insisted me to come and stay with my family, in their house, and provided a separate room for us. When she did this I realised the love of Christians.

    Three months we stayed with their family with my husband and 3 children. I noticed their regular activities. Their daily family prayer, love and deep concern on my family made a touch to draw towards their God.  Apart from it I noticed my children's behaviour getting changing after attending Sunday school.

    Three months after staying with my mistress I didn't have any source to buy the household items which I lost.Graciously my mistress bought and gave us all the required items which I lost.They prayed for me when I was facing dangerous crisis. After all this I gave up the heathen god whom I honoured and accepted Jesus Christ as my God.

    My whole family got saved and now we live in Christ's love.