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Miracle in my sister’s life

I am D Rajasekar, a student of Ragas Dental College. My sister is Pavithra is studying in 11thstandard and my parents take care of a business venture.

     My sister used to constantly suffer from severe headaches and one day, while in school, she developed fits. The school officials rushed her to the hospital and she was treated for it. Further medical treatment did not bring any improvement of this condition.

    As advised by others we tried several other remedies but all failed to bring any development in her. Due to this ailment her school attendance was intermittent.

    On several occasions she attempted suicide and she would often hear a clear voice saying “you will die with this”. She was filled with fear and terrible thoughts and fear of death gripped her. After sometime she lost her ability to hear and speak.

    Our family was shocked by this and admitted her in a prominent and well-known hospital in Chennai. The expert doctors and effective medical equipment were unable to diagnose her condition and treat her.

     At this stage we made her to stay for 6 months with one of our relatives who is a Christian. They took her to New Life AG Church every week and there we noticed a strange thing in her behavior. During the prayer time an evil spirit which had possessed her started to reveal itself by screaming and caused her to fall down unconscious. That’s when we realized the power of evil spirits and the power of Jesus that could cast out any evil power. We believed in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as our personal Savior and Redeemer of our life.

    Meanwhile the school management terminated my sister from the school and sent her transfer certificate home by post. We were shocked to see the transfer certificate but the whole family believed in Jesus Christ that He would restore healing, health and continuation of studies to my sister.

     We began seeking admission for my sister in another school and the day prior to her school interview I prayed before going to sleep. On the following day morning I heard a very soft and gentle voice in my ear saying “get up and take your sister to the interview”. This voice gave strength and peace prevailed in my mind.

    I went to the house where my sister was staying, unable to speak or hear and made her get ready for the interview. While she was getting ready, my Christian relatives asked me “how are you going to attend this interview with a sister who is in this condition?” However, those words didn’t shake me as I was so confident with the word I heard in the morning, and so I replied “it will come to pass”.

     My sister, who returned after a bath, listened to our conversation and showed a reaction that showed she understood our conversation. Seeing this we were encouraged as we felt that God was working in her. Suddenly, before we could do anything she started speaking to us clearly! We began to rejoice in our Savior & Redeemer Jesus Christ.

     The interview went well but as there had been a gap of one year in the studies, the management refused to give the admission in that school. However, God gave her admission in another school and now she is doing well in her studies.


Valley of shadow of death

After the demise of my husband I lived in Alanthur with my son and daughter. I was a woman without knowing the outer world. I struggled to lead the family without my husband. My mother who came to know this by seeing my children’s condition took my children with her to her native village leaving me alone in Chennai.

     As got stranded  I became depressed in my mind and made an attempt to commit suicide by taking 10 sleeping tablets in my hand and went to the hill top of St. Thomas mount.

    On top of the hill I saw a cross and went near it and touched the feet of Jesus. I said in my mind as follows “I have bowed before other gods but before I die at last I bow before you” and started to weep. I didn’t know the duration I wept under his feet but all of a sudden I felt as dew falling on my head and flowing down through my body. Followed by I heard a voice saying get up and go, this voice came to me thrice.  This voice made me to drop out the suicidal tendency and rushed me to go down from the hill, there I met a lady known to me who is a believer heard the incident and took me to her house and asked me to wait as a pastor is expected to visit her.

    The pastor arrived and prayed for me and said,‘ now you are a born again child in the sight of God. King of kings has touched you dear daughter don’t be worried, from now onwards you will only trust Jesus and accept Him as your personal savior. The experience you had a proof for it”. After finishing the prayer he shared the gospel and on the following day he gave me the baptism and re named Samadanam and presented  me a Bible.

    Two days after I got a job in an export company through one of my relatives, within a year God opened a way to take my children back from my mother and they studied in Chennai. We all started to attend NLAG church regularly and we followed church education classes and started to do ministry. I became a Care cell leader and my daughter a Sunday school teacher.

    Graciously my daughter got a placement in abroad; all my relatives who separated me accepted me. As the word of God says “He administers justice for the fatherless and the widow” God lead us in our lives when we submitted us in His hands.

    God’s name be glorified forever.
     We realized that Jesus is the only God who can redeem us from all our difficulties. We give honor and glory to Him all the time.